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Vinny Golia Wind Quartet

Cynosure of the new, Los Angeles’ reputation for adopting the most current trends in everything from diet to architecture to music of all stripes means that the lifestyle of the area is in a constant churn. That’s why multi-reedist Vinny Golia is such a singular figure there. As musical fashions and players come-and-go, he’s remained emblematic of the creative music scene in the city since he moved there about 40 years ago. On his own he’s collaborated with many of the most advanced players in the area and fronted groups ranging from duos to big bands. [...]

Stewart Smith, The Wire

• Review by Stewart Smith in The Wire (July 2018) Trajectory finds Los Angeles creative music hero Vinny Golia collaborating [...]

Jun 062018
Guy Peters, Enola

• Review by Guy Peters in Enola (June 6,2018) Al te vaak wordt de geschiedenis van de avant-garde jazz (of [...]

Ed Hazell, Point of Departure

• Review by Ed Hazell in Point of Departure (June 2018) Two superb albums, recorded nearly 40 years apart, open [...]

Jun 012018
Asher Wolf, Jazziz

• Review by Asher Wolf in Jazziz (Summer 2018) Throughout his four-decade recording career, woodwinds palyer Vinny Golia has collaborated [...]

John Eyles, The Squid's Ear

• Review by John Eyles on The Squid’s Ear (May 8,2018) Upon receiving this CD, the first thing some listeners [...]

Franpi Barriaux, SunShip

• Review by Franpi Barriaux in SunShip (April 23, 2018) Vinny Golia, ce n’est pas que cette longue chevelure blanche [...]

Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy

• Review by Rigobert Dittmann in Bad Alchemy (March 2018) Wie konnte ich nur übersehen, dass das Pariser Label sich [...]

Mathias Kusnierz, Jazz News

• Review by Mathias Kusnierz in Jazz News (February 2018) Dans ce live de 1979, le Wind Quartet de Vinny Golia (avec Bradford, [...]

Luc Bouquet, ImproJazz

• Review by Luc Bouquet in Improjazz (February 2018) Poursuite de la saga Bobby Bradford-John Carter (pourvu que ça dure !) avec ce Live [...]

Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

• Review by Scott Yanow in Los Angeles Jazz Scene (February 2018) During 1976-81, Lee Kaplan booked an important Sunday [...]

Philippe Carles, ★CHOC★ Jazz Magazine

• ★CHOC★ JazzMagazine by Philippe Carles (February 2018) Il y a presque quarante ans, l’un des plus prolifiques multi-instrumentistes se [...]

Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

• Review by Mark Corroto in All About Jazz (January 27, 2018) If you were born yesterday, you can be [...]

Andrzej Nowak, Spontaneous Music Tribune

• Review by Andrzej Nowak in Spontaneous Music Tribune (January 23, 2018) Francuska oficyna wydawnicza Dark Tree Records nie ma [...]

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Orynx

• Review by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg in Orynx (January 20, 2018) Dark Tree publie des albums fignolés et passionnants au [...]

Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

• Review by Jan Granlie in Salt Peanuts (January 20, 2018) Saksofonisten Vinny Golia, var et totalt ukjent navn for [...]

Rui Eduardo Paes,

• Review by Rui Eduardo Paes in (January 17, 2018) Vão sendo já tão habituais lançamentos discográficos como “Live [...]

Jean Buzelin, Culture Jazz

• Review by Jean Buzelin in Culture Jazz (January 12, 2018) Il y a deux-trois ans, l’excellent petit label français [...]

Kirk Silsbee, LA Weekly

• Article by Kirk Silsbee in LA Weekly (January 5, 2018) The Century City Playhouse wasn’t much to look at [...]

Derek Taylor, Dusted Magazine

• Review by Derek Taylor in Dusted Magazine (January 4, 2018) Pan-reedists Vinny Golia and Anthony Braxton have much in [...]

Tim Niland, Music and More

• Review by Tim Niland on Music and More (December 29, 2017) This was one of the earlier albums in [...]

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