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Ken Waxman, JazzWord

• Review by Ken Waxman in JazzWord (August 6, 2018) Cynosure of the new, Los Angeles’ reputation for adopting the [...]

Stewart Smith, The Wire

• Review by Stewart Smith in The Wire (July 2018) Trajectory finds Los Angeles creative music hero Vinny Golia collaborating [...]

Jun 062018
Guy Peters, Enola

• Review by Guy Peters in Enola (June 6,2018) Al te vaak wordt de geschiedenis van de avant-garde jazz (of [...]

Ed Hazell, Point of Departure

• Review by Ed Hazell in Point of Departure (June 2018) Two superb albums, recorded nearly 40 years apart, open [...]

Jun 012018
Asher Wolf, Jazziz

• Review by Asher Wolf in Jazziz (Summer 2018) Throughout his four-decade recording career, woodwinds palyer Vinny Golia has collaborated [...]

John Eyles, The Squid's Ear

• Review by John Eyles on The Squid’s Ear (May 8,2018) Upon receiving this CD, the first thing some listeners [...]

Franpi Barriaux, SunShip

• Review by Franpi Barriaux in SunShip (April 23, 2018) Vinny Golia, ce n’est pas que cette longue chevelure blanche [...]

Rigobert Dittmann, Bad Alchemy

• Review by Rigobert Dittmann in Bad Alchemy (March 2018) Wie konnte ich nur übersehen, dass das Pariser Label sich [...]

Mathias Kusnierz, Jazz News

• Review by Mathias Kusnierz in Jazz News (February 2018) Dans ce live de 1979, le Wind Quartet de Vinny Golia (avec Bradford, [...]

Luc Bouquet, ImproJazz

• Review by Luc Bouquet in Improjazz (February 2018) Poursuite de la saga Bobby Bradford-John Carter (pourvu que ça dure !) avec ce Live [...]

Scott Yanow, Los Angeles Jazz Scene

• Review by Scott Yanow in Los Angeles Jazz Scene (February 2018) During 1976-81, Lee Kaplan booked an important Sunday [...]

Philippe Carles, ★CHOC★ Jazz Magazine

• ★CHOC★ JazzMagazine by Philippe Carles (February 2018) Il y a presque quarante ans, l’un des plus prolifiques multi-instrumentistes se [...]

Mark Corroto, All About Jazz

• Review by Mark Corroto in All About Jazz (January 27, 2018) If you were born yesterday, you can be [...]

Andrzej Nowak, Spontaneous Music Tribune

• Review by Andrzej Nowak in Spontaneous Music Tribune (January 23, 2018) Francuska oficyna wydawnicza Dark Tree Records nie ma [...]

Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg, Orynx

• Review by Jean-Michel Van Schouwburg in Orynx (January 20, 2018) Dark Tree publie des albums fignolés et passionnants au [...]

Jan Granlie, Salt Peanuts

• Review by Jan Granlie in Salt Peanuts (January 20, 2018) Saksofonisten Vinny Golia, var et totalt ukjent navn for [...]

Rui Eduardo Paes,

• Review by Rui Eduardo Paes in (January 17, 2018) Vão sendo já tão habituais lançamentos discográficos como “Live [...]

Jean Buzelin, Culture Jazz

• Review by Jean Buzelin in Culture Jazz (January 12, 2018) Il y a deux-trois ans, l’excellent petit label français [...]

Kirk Silsbee, LA Weekly

• Article by Kirk Silsbee in LA Weekly (January 5, 2018) The Century City Playhouse wasn’t much to look at [...]

Derek Taylor, Dusted Magazine

• Review by Derek Taylor in Dusted Magazine (January 4, 2018) Pan-reedists Vinny Golia and Anthony Braxton have much in [...]

Tim Niland, Music and More

• Review by Tim Niland on Music and More (December 29, 2017) This was one of the earlier albums in [...]

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