Julien was born in Paris. He first taught himself the guitar before joining the E.N.M.D. of Yerres, headed by Manuel et Patricio Villaroel, then the jazz department in Montreuil, led by Mano Vallois. He obtained a D.E.M and a jazz golden medal.
Besides his studies, he plays with bands and during masterclasses, which allows him to meet Charlie Haden, François Jeanneau, Louis Sclavis, Stephane Payen, Guillaume Orti, Benoit Delbecq, Tortoise, Han Bennink, Edward Perraud, Hubert Dupont, Rob Mazurek, Jeff Parker, Frank Vaillant, Gilles Coronado, Beniat Achary, Noël Ackchoté, David Grubbs, Doug Wamble, Marc Ducret, Sylvain Darrifourcq, Thomas Depourquery, Jeanne Added, Eve Risser, Mederic Collignon, Magic Malik, Emmanuel Bex, Hasse Poulsen, Mats Gustafson.
Being a very active musician within Parisian jazz scene, Julien co-funds the COAX Collective in 2008 with Benjamin Flament and Yann Joussein.
COAX quickly become one of the new Free-Music French generations pool.
He collaborated with bands like Irène, Radiation 10, Q, DDJ, played as sideman with Mats Gustafson, Noel Akchoté, Louis Sclavis and won the Jazz à la Défense prize several times with Radiation 10 and Irène.
In 2014, with “Acapulco”, his first project in solo, Julien establishes and affirms his identity nationally and internationally.
Philosopher Tristan Garcia develops the idea of a “flat world” through which the guitarist travels. From there was born a new kind of show, half way between concert and performance.
Body, sound, space and light are connected, through MAX MSP, within this performance for one musician.
Julien’s artistic research is based on these main questions:
How to bring in choreographic intentions? Musically, what to do with the movements generated by the bodies?
How does sound reacts to space and light during concerts? In brief, how can music be its own exit?
Thus was born Julien’s new solo in 2016, “Acapulco Redux”, in partnership with set designer and choreographer Grégory Edelein. This performance redefines the space of sound and body via a radical lighting device.
In 2016 and 2017, he will deepen and extend this questioning with a new project from SNAP trio called “« Cut up is a dance(r) ».


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